Cascading Team and Leadership Development

The Cascading Team and Leadership Development approach typically starts with the senior leadership team of the company or the portion of the company targeted for making the change. As the leadership team is guided through their process of exploration to gain alignment and improve their ability to lead they are also exposing the attributes of the culture that will make the company more successful. Many leadership development change projects fail when executive leaders cannot model the behaviors they expect of those they lead. This process ensures success because the senior leadership team blazes the trail themselves.

Each member of the senior leadership team then leads their own team through a similar multi-phase development process. This approach targets the top levels of the organization. The development started at the senior leadership team level is reinforced as each member leads their team through the process and brings back stories of their team’s successes and challenges. The strength of the senior leadership team member relationships becomes a model for the organization and ensures healthy relationships across organizational lines. The common language and mindset that grows out of this expanded effort has a significant impact on the entire culture of your organization.

Your company or organization’s leadership team and each leadership team member as leaders of their own teams would experience the following multi-phase team building process. (See “Multi-Phase Team Development Process” for more detail)

  • Team Leader Coaching
  • Pre-Program Assessments, Meetings And Interviews (One or Two Days at Client Location)
  • Shared Exploration And Experiential Team Building Training Sessions (Three days offsite)
    • Foundation Information and Work Style Assessment
    • Experiential Activity Sessions
  • Follow-Up - Integrating Our Learning into Our Culture and Our Work
    • Follow-up discussion/coaching with each individual team member
    • Full-Day Session at Client Location (8 to 12 Weeks after the offsite)
  • Team Leader Post-Program Consultation and Ongoing Support


Leadership and Team Development

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