Case Study - Cascading Team and Leadership Development

When Pharmacia was purchased by Pfizer the manufacturing site in Kalamazoo, Michigan became the largest manufacturing facility of the largest drug maker in the world. A changing organization and changing company structures created the opportunity for the development of many new leadership teams throughout the site. The Director of Injectable Operations for Pfizer Global Manufacturing, Kalamazoo site had the challenge of assembling a new leadership team and creating an organization that would be successful given the new business context.

The Solution - The Director started from scratch, hand picking the managers that would be members of her new leadership team paying special attention to skill sets and team chemistry and less on experience in leading within the "old organization."  Because of her belief in the enhanced effectiveness of high performing teams and her passion around the development of others she was committed to her leadership team functioning like a true team.  

Crux Move Consulting was enlisted to partner with her to design and deliver a process that would meet the following objectives:

  1. Define and embed a culture of  teaming within the leadership team, the Injectable Operations organization and in their collaboration with key enabling functions (specifically with the Quality organization)
  2. Assist the leadership team in fully understanding, owning and sharing the responsibility to lead the entire organization.
  3. Assist the managers in really utilizing each other as trusted sources of support in their ongoing development as team members and leaders.
  4. Provide periodic support to ensure that cultural norms are maintained.

Crux Move led the team through their multi-phase team development process high lighted below.  Key to the process is the relationship and alignment between Crux Move and the team leader. 

Team Leader Coaching

Pre-program Assessments, Meetings and Interviews

Shared Exploration & Experiential Training Session (3  days offsite)

Follow Up - integrating learning into the work and the culture

Team Leader Post Program Consultation and Support

The Results - Upon completion of the leadership team's development process results were evaluated by comparing pre and post assessments of team values, thinking and behaviors along with open team interviews regarding the changes members were seeing and feeling.  The results were overwhelmingly positive and the changes were being embedded as part of the foundation of the ongoing culture. With the strength of the initial results support was made available for each of the 8 managers, if they chose, to take their own teams through Crux Move's multi-phase team development process.  All managers chose to complete the process with their teams showing similar positive pre and post comparison results. 

In addition it was noted that as each leader went through their own process of development with their team it continued to have an upward positive impact on the teaming at the leadership team level as well as impacting the relationships across team boundaries throughout the organization. Crux Move Consulting's partnership with the leadership of the Injectable Operations for over 3 ½ years has included support at key developmental times, partnering with the managers in developing their teams, leadership coaching and vision work, and ongoing team self assessment against benchmarked data.

Click here for a Testimonial from the Director of Injectable Operations.

Click here for a Testimonial from a member of the senior leadership team.

Our Clients Say

Their process is the most complete I have ever seen in that it includes the Analysis, Real Experience and Development Follow-up required to build effective leaders and high-functioning teams. Our Group of CEOs is exponentially more effective because of what we learned about each other from Crux Move.  I am very comfortable in recommending them to any of the sixty companies with whom I interact.

Tony Hutti, CEO/Owner

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