Case Study - Team Development

When Merck, with headquarters in Northern New Jersey, acquired Schering Plough, Rob Pizzie was made the new Head of the Global Clinical Supply organization.  Rob was tasked with building and populating a world class, global organization that would benefit from the strengths of both legacy companies including the people, the processes and the cultures.   The fact that the legacy Merck and Schering Plough clinical supply groups were both high performing but structured quite differently added a significant level of emotionally charged complexity and challenge.  Rob knew that in order to be successful he needed to bring together a strong, diverse leadership team with members from each legacy company.  Members of the team would need to build relationships and trust strong enough to address all the issues in the integration openly and honestly, and to ensure real alignment and the empathy needed to effectively lead the new organization.

The Solution - After assembling the best leaders from both legacy companies Rob partnered with Crux Move to build his leadership team that would lead their newly merged organization.  One of the first steps in the team building process was for the team to do a serious self assessment to look for foundational strengths to build on and to find where the opportunities were for the biggest improvement. 

After five phases of the Crux Move team building process and five months of building their organization, the leadership team re-assessed their team behaviors.  

The results confirmed what they had felt.  Significant improvements were identified in key behaviors of leadership team functioning including increases in dealing with each other directly when there were challenges, supporting each other across functional areas, taking initiative to get feedback and counsel from each other, sharing a sense of pride when any team member was successful, and sharing a clear vision of how they needed to interact to be successful.  

In addition to seeing the benefits of their strengthened alignment and relationships in their team’s results they were also seeing many of the same behaviors playing out across functional boundaries within the teams that they were leading.  It was clear that their investment and continued focus on their team interactions were strongly influencing their business results and the organizational culture they were building.  In fact results were so strongly evident that the leadership team decided to leverage their investment and engage the next level of leaders across four functional areas to improve and strengthen a key business process.

While indications of the success of the embedded behaviors in their organizational culture continue to show themselves, teams are looking to expand the positive impact by strengthening the relationships with key partners outside of their organization.  Each step of the way Crux Move continues as a partner, providing counsel and support.


Testimony - Over and over again Crux Move has demonstrated to me their ability to help my leaders establish the relationships and the environment to have the conversations that they need to have in order to drive our organizations forward.

Rob Pizzie PhD, Associate Vice President
Global Clinical Supply’ Pharmaceutical Sciences & Clinical Supply
Merck Research Laboratories, Summit NJ

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I have now directly participated in two Crux Move management training sessions, one in America and one in Europe.  Both times, I saw positive change in a diverse management team that went far beyond my expectations! I’ve been doing this work for 30 years and have been through a ton of these workshops and I’m not kidding here… I’ve never before seen such excellent results that endure over time as I’ve seen with your process. Somehow you’ve figured out the right equation.

Ernie DeVincent
Vice President Engineering

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