When Kevin was promoted to Director of Learning and Development for the manufacturing arm of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world he was well aware of the impact teamwork would play on the company’s future success. Especially in this constantly changing business environment a team’s ability to have the real conversation, quickly recalibrate, realign and move together without hesitation is critical.


When our leaders come to us for assistance with team development, we have an easy way for them to understand which services would be appropriate, depending on their needs.  To make it easy for leaders, we classify our service offerings as small, medium and large. Crux Move is the "large". They are our preferred vendor for teams looking to engage in a dynamic development process that helps them develop into a high performing team.

The consultants are able to help us deal with the challenging issues that affect a team's ability to work together, yet somehow through it all they make it a safe and enjoyable process. Our teams that have worked with Crux Move report an increased ability to be trusting and open, to challenge each other, to make good decisions, to support each other in meeting their goals, increased alignment, and most importantly, higher performance!  I would personally highly recommend Crux Move for leaders who want to bring out the best in their teams.

Kevin Munson, Ph.D.
Director, Learning and Development,
Pfizer Global Manufacturing
Kalamazoo, Michigan

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I truly enjoy the team’s honesty and spirit and I am convinced we have raised the emotional IQ of our site with this event.

Jack Geisner
Project Director
Cook Nuclear Plant
Bridgeman, Michigan

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