As a long time member of the Kalamazoo Site Leadership Team and as the leader of his own Supply Chain Management Team, over the years Bob has used Crux Move to quickly build trust, gain alignment and develop the environment where the challenging but critical business conversations could happen effectively.


The experiences we’ve had with Crux Move have been exemplary. When those tough issues come up they are super at being able to make sure people see each other’s view points and end up with some common ground between them before they leave.

Bob Betzig, Director Supply Chain Management
Pfizer PGM, Kalamazoo, Michigan

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What started as 18 individuals embedded in different areas of the company, with at times an "us vs. them" approach, turned in to one team working together to achieve common goals.

Linda Milanowski
Director CMF Design & Implementation
Zeeland, Michigan


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With more than 50 years of combined experience in Leadership and Team Development, Crux Move Consulting has amassed a list of well satisfied clients.

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