Leadership Projects Model for High Potential Leaders

The intent of this approach is to use real executive projects to provide deep knowledge to participants and to the executive team, to use the experience to develop leadership skills in identified high potential leaders, and to develop a network of deep cross functional relationships across the company. After an initial “kick off” team development session, project teams are provided with a real issue, challenge or opportunity facing the company. Each team works together over the course of three or four months to research, develop a solution or set of recommendations, and present their findings to the executive leadership team. Throughout the process, teams are provided access to an executive team member who acts as a team mentor and to a Crux Move facilitator to ensure that leadership development lessons are acknowledged and leveraged. Upon completion of the presentation, feedback provided by the executive leadership team helps to focus and crystallize both leadership lessons and the critical thinking on the project and recommended solution. Project teams typically get feedback on whether the company will move forward with their recommendations and whether any members of the team will participate in implementing solutions when appropriate.

First step for your organization: Targeted selection of participants (People identified as high potential leaders within your company)

Steps for each individual session: (four project teams of five participants)

Step 1: Intensive three or four-day "kick off" for the project teams focusing on compressing and accelerating the team development process.

Step 2: Each project team will design their own process and schedule for researching the topic and meeting together. Each project team will be assigned a senior leadership team member as a potential coach and resource.

Step 3: A facilitated "mid-point check in" meeting to help project teams explore and evaluate their current level of functioning, their relationships and the outcomes they are generating. This meeting provides each team the opportunity to address and acknowledge key leadership lessons to date, explore their ongoing group dynamics and to make last minute adjustments and re-alignments prior to their presentation.

Step 4: All four project teams make their presentation to members of the executive leadership team. Executive team members can ask questions regarding their presentation and lessons learned throughout the process.

Step 5: Post program meeting with project teams to enhance development and ensure that key development feedback is captured.  Each team member completes an in-depth 360 emotional intelligence self-assessment and provides feedback for each of their project teammates.  The final team meeting provides opportunity to debrief the results of the 360 assessments and the developmental feedback and discuss the application to their current position.  

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