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Consistent in all of our leadership development offerings is our philosophy that leadership is a relationship. It’s the relationship the leader has with each member of the team they lead and it’s a relationship with each member of their stakeholder group that they count on to meet their vision and move their company’s business goals forward. That means everyone in the organization they lead, their direct reports, their peers, their bosses, even their customers. These leadership development programs lead to powerful shifts in perception that keep working and delivering results once back in the workplace where the new principles and skills are applied.
Crux Move Consulting offers four unique and powerful approaches to developing leaders. All four approaches offer leaders opportunities to learn about themselves and others, to build on existing strengths and develop new skills in order to manage those relationships that are critical to your success.
While the intended outcomes can be as broad as a cultural change across the entire organization on multiple levels, the process is designed to ensure immediate applicability and impact driven by the leaders that participate. Read more about our four approaches to leadership development.
Whether we personalize one of our four approaches or create a custom approach for you we can work with your stakeholders and internal OD professionals to evaluate your current culture to identify the leadership and teaming skills, behaviors and values that are important to your organization's success. We will work with you to design and implement processes to embed those skills, behaviors and values into your culture.

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When you're ready to begin the leadership development process, the first step is to set up an initial phone consultation. Please call our office at (269) 720-4368 between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM EST, Monday to Friday, or complete the Contact Form to arrange a meeting time.

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