Consulting and Support Services

Whether run in conjunction with a team development or leadership development intervention or in collaboration with other ongoing processes, Crux Move offers a variety of services aimed at helping organizations confront adversity, develop resources, and improve the function of its human resources.

Crux Move works with organizations to provide the following consulting and support services:

  1. Tailored long-term, in-depth leadership development training and team building training
  2. New team member coaching or on-boarding new team members
  3. Executive & Team Leader Coaching focused on team relationships and leading people and teams
  4. Consultation / facilitation at key meetings
  5. Curriculum development and enhancement of existing programs
  6. Needs assessments and organizational discovery
  7. Personal development
  8. Delivery of DiSC tools, conflict mode assessments, emotional intelligence and 360 feedback tools
  9. Train the trainer programs

For more information on Crux Move Consulting's consulting and support services, please call our offices at (269) 720-4368 (9AM to 5PM EST) or fill out our Contact Form to arrange an initial phone consultation free of charge.

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With more than 50 years of combined experience in Leadership and Team Development, Crux Move Consulting has amassed a list of well satisfied clients.

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