Multi-Phase Team Development Process

Our typical team building training process consists of multiple phases that are spread over several months to up to a year or more. Following this process is the best way to ensure that you get results that will have a lasting impact.

The process described here, although accurate, addresses only those outcomes that are consistent for the majority of our team development programs. Our expectations for individual client teams are much higher and more specific to the challenges they face.  Upon completion of your Team Self Assessment (TSA) and the pre-program meetings we will begin to have a better understanding of the dynamics and issues specific to your team. We will work with you to identify and clarify the critical issues that are impacting the team environment, the relationships and your productivity. With that information gathered we focus on specific benefits and outcomes that will have the greatest value for your team. Throughout the training as new issues may appear we will continue to work with you to rank, prioritize and address those items critical to your success.

The general goal of any team building process that you would embark on with us is to explore and build the relationships and the team environment that produce the best results.

A fundamental component to team development is the establishment of a trusting environment where communication is open and honest and constructive feedback occurs. In a trusting environment healthy conflict, commitment and accountability can flourish ensuring success in achieving results. The intent of the training is to promote the development of such an environment and to help establish and enhance a sense of urgency in team members towards an on-going process of development.

Before designing a program or training project we meet with the team leader to insure alignment in our approach and philosophies and to begin to establish a coaching relationship. Having a trusting relationship with the team leader where thoughts and feedback can be freely shared is critical to insure a positive outcome. In a very real sense we are teaming with the leader throughout the process which is every bit as much a developmental opportunity for him or her as it is for the team. Developing and nurturing this relationship along the way is perhaps our number one priority. In this phase we will begin helping the leader crystallize a vision of where the team needs to go and how it will get there.

One or Two Days at Client Location

iStock 000009541378 Small 2 resizedThe purpose of these meetings is to share information regarding program logistics and your team. The intent is to insure alignment between the training and expected outcomes, to prepare the leader, team and facilitators for their role in the training and to enhance readiness. A Team Self Assessment and team member interviews allow us to gather information regarding the team’s functioning, individual member’s attitudes and perceptions and their assessment of the effectiveness of key relationships. These meetings include meeting with the team leader and team, program preparation and roll out, a tour of the work environment and team member interviews.

Three days offsite (Typically)

yarrow-meetings-002Foundation information is explored in order to provide a framework for where you might go as a team and to create a common language that can help you get there. Exploring various models of healthy team dynamics and the team’s work style diversity result in a foundation that will pave the way for a deeper understanding of your own dynamics.

Various indoor and outdoor experiential activities will enhance the exploration by providing opportunities for observation and discussion about the behaviors, communication, etc. that impact the effectiveness of the group. The activities require your team to be engaged in the process and to interact as they would at work - allowing them to explore their real relationships and evolving dynamics. Participants become physically, mentally and emotionally involved and recognize how to apply lessons to meeting organizational goals.

Follow-up discussion/coaching with each individual team member
Our entire process is a developmental opportunity for each individual and the entire team. And the development of the team is dependent on each individual’s developmental mindset. At the end of Phase III each team member is asked to reflect on ways that they can focus on their own development and their ability to contribute to the effectiveness of team relationships and team performance. Prior to the follow-up session with the entire team Crux Move will meet with each individual to debrief their experiences during the offsite and explore strategies that will help them meet their development goals. These one-on-one discussions allow Crux Move to provide coaching/feedback related to the individual’s work style, participant and contribution during the offset. It allows for a different kind of intra-personal and inter-personal exploration that may not happen within the context of the team. This exploration can also enhance the full-team follow-up session.

Follow-Up Session at Client Location 8 to 12 Weeks after the offsite
The follow-up session typically takes place where the team normally meets. This session if often viewed as the most important part of the process. It’s where people get to reflect back on and share their real perceptions of how they have been doing since the leadershipoffsite. What have we been doing well? What do we feel good about? Are there any disappointments? What needs to happen now to continue our momentum? Based on information gathered from all prior program components, the team will develop their specific team process and a plan to ensure implementation and continued development.

Ongoing support is made available by Crux Move Consulting, and is based on the needs of the leader and team. Crux Move facilitators will meet with the team leader to go over the results of the pre- and post-program assessment comparison and the program summary. Together they will evaluate progress and identify issues that need to be addressed in order to strengthen the developmental process. This discussion is intended to assist the team leader in reinforcing the new agreements and patterns of behavior and to evaluate next steps and ongoing support needs.

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Multiphase Team Development

  • Team Leader Coaching
  • Pre-Program Assessment & Interviews
  • Offsite Session
  • Follow-Up
  • Follow-Up Meetings with Individual Team Members
  • Follow-Up Session with Entire Team
  • Ongoing Support

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