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Many, if not most of our clients are still feeling the challenges of our current economy and every day leaders are faced with decisions about how to most wisely invest their resources. In a recent conversation with the CEO of an automotive company who is feeling the pressure, he said that he is turning off the lights in his office when he walks down to the restroom to save money, but he doesn’t for a moment regret the investment made or the time his team spent with us. That investment is now helping them more effectively get through these challenges together. And in an email we received from another CEO, “So thanks! In retrospect, what we did during our team building sessions with the two of you, brought us together in a way I never thought was necessary for the reasons we need it now!”

Crux Move works with all levels of organizations with a primary focus on leadership teams. We help leaders explore what is often seen as a “deeper and more effective” level of functioning. With our backgrounds in psychology and counseling, along with over 50 years combined business experience, we are able to confidently help leaders and teams navigate challenging territory as they explore their “real” interpersonal and team dynamics that impacts their shared goals. Through this exploration, leaders find that their ability to create a place where their people can have the real conversations expands to include all the important issues. The payoff is learning how to more effectively manage their intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics in order to get the best from each other and leverage the power of their collective leadership. These are challenging times, and they are critical times for leaders to step up and increase the power of their leadership. When your circumstances demand that your leadership team perform at that “deeper and more effective level”, call us. We would welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

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