Ernie DeVincent felt the impact of Crux Move’s team building training programs initially with Getrag’s North American Leadership Team in Detroit, Michigan and later with Getrag's Manufacturing Leadership Team in Germany. He also witnessed significant changes in relationships and behaviors when a cross-functional group of their key leadership, also out of Detroit, Michigan participated in a multi-phase session designed to increase alignment across functional boundaries.


I have now directly participated in two Crux Move management training sessions, one in America and one in Europe.  Both times, I saw positive change in a diverse management team that went far beyond my expectations!

As a result of these trainings, I’ve seen people who have made interpersonal changes that are nothing short of miraculous. The trust has increased significantly within the group and the impact during our meetings has been really positive. It seems like defensiveness, which was always present, has all but gone away and there’s a sense of support that did not exist before. I’ve been doing this work for 30 years and have been through a ton of these workshops and I’m not kidding here… I’ve never before seen such excellent results that endure over time as I’ve seen with your process. Somehow you’ve figured out the right equation.

The Crux Move team has a great talent for getting people to open up to each other and expose their perceptions. They apply expert techniques to help people build true trust in each other and support each other in the achievement of common corporate goals.  I would highly recommend Crux Move to help your company achieve similar results to those that we achieved.

Ernie DeVincent, Vice President Engineering
and DCT250 Global Platform Director
Getrag Corporate Group
Untergruppenbach, Germany

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Their process is the most complete I have ever seen in that it includes the Analysis, Real Experience and Development Follow-up required to build effective leaders and high-functioning teams. Our Group of CEOs is exponentially more effective because of what we learned about each other from Crux Move.  I am very comfortable in recommending them to any of the sixty companies with whom I interact.

Tony Hutti, CEO/Owner

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