“Crux Move is kind of like a cleaning company on the mirror.  They wash off the dust and grime that has accumulated because we haven't looked in the mirror for some time.  They pull down the sticky notes and messages that are posted around the mirror and inhibit our view if we do actually take a look into it.  At the end of our session, we have had a much clearer look at ourselves than if we had tried to do so alone.  They facilitate with honesty and integrity, with courage, and with clarity of purpose.  They keep us on track and help us to look at things in a much different way and with much better results.”

Mark Schmink, Vice President Human Resources
Faurecia, North America
Auburn Hills, Michigan

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Our Clients Say

Mike and Jim have an uncanny, even magical, ability to help needed communication occur between people who don’t normally communicate well and that helps them move to greater and greater levels of team work and individual effectiveness. Not only that, they make it fun!

Rob Pizzie, Ph.D.
Summit, New Jersey


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With more than 50 years of combined experience in Leadership and Team Development, Crux Move Consulting has amassed a list of well satisfied clients.

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