I naively thought that the biggest challenge in assembling a great management team here at Humphrey would be finding and hiring the right, talented people. I spent many years and a lot of money making that happen. I had high expectations that these extremely competent professionals would just naturally and seamlessly slide right into working effectively together as one cohesive, leadership team.

Well, it didn’t all just naturally happen, problems arose right along with my expectations and I was quite honestly at a loss as to what I should do. We had to ask ourselves, How well do we really work together as a team? How effective are we at getting things done? We needed help. Eventually I enlisted the help of Crux Move and I am very thankful that I did!

Crux move helped open our eyes to the key role that communications and trusting relationships play in getting talented people to click and actually work effectively together. As a result, nearly every day we're learning new things about ourselves, how to collaborate together, and execute in ways that we didn’t think were possible. And now, we're believers!

I think these guys are great! They are quite a team and they do exceptional work! Somehow they’ve created a process that is very much their own. Yet at the end of every session, and very interestingly I might add, we are left feeling that what had just happened was a result of our process, our new relationships, our new way of looking at the whole process of working/living together,…ours! I think they would see that as a success. That that’s what it’s all about.

Robert P. Humphrey, Chairman & CEO
Humphrey Products
Kalamazoo, MI


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I have become convinced that Crux Move’s team development process truly makes a difference to the ultimate success of our projects.

Tom Smith, Ph.D.
Holland, Michigan


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