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Carrie Andrews

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There were several of us on our leadership team at Pfizer who cannot name a better “training” program. I put “training” in quotes because I struggle with that word for Crux Move. It is not training as much as it is “awareness”. I am more aware of people. I am more aware of myself. I am more aware of group dynamics. And I can impact all of those things I am aware of in a way that improves and elevates all involved.

When someone at work with whom I have already had a Crux Move session comes up to me and states, “This will be a Crux Move discussion”, I know what to expect. This may be a more difficult conversation to have but one worth having because when all is said and done, everything will be better than if the conversation had not taken place at all. Crux Move provides you the tools to on how to put boundaries on the problem and how to ensure respect for the decision.

Carrie Andrews, (Fmr.) Sr. Manager- Operations Support | Pfizer
Currently: Global QSS and External Supply Lead | ZOETIS