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Linda Milanowski-Westdrop

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When Herman Miller began to revitalize the influence of colors, materials and finishes on new and existing products they knew it was a big undertaking that would have impact across their whole organization. Getting folks from all parts of the organization to think and function as one team was going to be critical.

We used Crux Move to fundamentally shift how we work as a team. What started as 18 individuals embedded in different areas of the company, with at times an “us vs. them” approach, turned in to one team working together to achieve common goals. The hierarchy model describing a ‘functional’ team provides context for ongoing ‘check in’ as we strive to reinforce the foundation of ‘trust’ and move up through ‘results’. I appreciate the way in which Michael and the Crux team stuck with us beyond the 3 days, ensuring it wasn’t just “an event”, but rather a fundamental shift with ongoing check ins and improvements.

Linda Milanowski-Westdrop, (Fmr.) Director CMF Design & Implementation | Herman Miller Inc.
Currently: Strategic Process Consultant and Coach