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Rob Pizzie, PhD

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Through the upheaval of mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry, each time leading to the creation of a newly formed leadership team built from recently passed competitors, Crux Move had a long and successful relationship with Rob. Built some powerful and successful leadership teams, who then built some powerfully successful organizational cultures.

I have now had the pleasure of using Crux Move to help me build strength and mutual understanding within my leadership team at different companies on a number of different occasions. I have personally attended more than five of their in-depth coaching sessions and have learnt something new and useful about myself and others on each occasion. The Crux Move team has an uncanny, even magical, ability to help needed communication occur between people who don’t normally communicate well and that helps them move to greater and greater levels of team work and individual effectiveness. Not only that, they make it fun!

Rob Pizzie, PhD, (Fmr.) Associate Vice President | Merck Research Laboratories
Currently: Managing Partner, Brizzey, Southwest Michigan