Action Learning Model for High Potential Leaders

Cross functional teams of identified “high potential” leaders within your company participate in an intensive three or four-day “kick off” training session (approximately 20 participants per session). During this initial session participants learn key principles of leadership and teaming and begin to develop the relationships and trust necessary for their Action Learning process to be a powerful, ongoing learning experience. Upon completion of the “kick off” session each leader meets monthly with their Action Learning team to continue to explore and practice concepts of effective leadership by helping each other solve real issues they are facing in their leadership roles.

Monthly Action Learning meetings allow team members to continue their development without adding more to their plate in that they will be working with each other to resolve actual business issues that are currently consuming their time and energy. The team will learn a process designed to provide solutions to real and challenging problems that will deliver genuine value for the organization. This process teaches a higher level of listening, thinking and collaboration with the goal of new and innovative solutions.

This process will help leaders learn to establish and maintain a team culture where people are:

  • Non-defensive and growth oriented
  • Open and curious
  • Willing to share their "ignorance"
  • Innovative and willing to take risks
  • Supportive and collaborative

Each session will be followed by a debrief meeting with the team with the intent of focusing solely on the leader and team behaviors they observed and on the "Learning Advisor"/Facilitator role. This debrief is a critical component to the learning process. These debrief sessions will provide Crux Move with ongoing opportunity to provide feedback and coaching to each individual and the team.

First step for your organization: Targeted selection of participants (people identified as high potential leaders within your company)

Steps for each individual session (Two or more Action Learning teams)

Step 1: Intensive three or four-day "kick off" session

Step 2: Three to four-hour monthly or bi-monthly Action Learning meetings

Step 3: A final meeting at the end of this leadership development program will provide opportunity for participants to reflect on what they learned and what they are taking away as leaders. During this final debrief they will also have opportunity to share their perceptions as well as their recommendations with organization leadership.

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