What matters more than what we say about our services is what our clients say.  We urge you to take a look at testimony from some of our clients about their experience working with us and the results that we helped their teams and leaders to achieve.

… I continue to get valuable insights every day that came out of the journey I took with them… In my opinion the Crux Move experience results in the fine-tuning of good people into lifelong great leaders... 


Mark Palkowski, MS
Zoetis, Global Manufacturing, Kalamazoo Site 

Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Our teams that have worked with Crux Move report an increased ability to be trusting and open, to challenge each other, to make good decisions, to support each other in meeting their goals, increased alignment, and most importantly, higher performance!  I would personally highly recommend Crux Move for leaders who want to bring out the best in their teams.

Kevin Munson, Ph.D.
Director, Learning and Development,

Pfizer Global Manufacturing
Kalamazoo, MI

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Mike and Jim have an uncanny, even magical, ability to help needed communication occur between people who don’t normally communicate well and that helps them move to greater and greater levels of team work and individual effectiveness. Not only that, they make it fun!

Rob Pizzie PhD, Associate Vice President
Global Clinical Supply’ Pharmaceutical Sciences & Clinical Supply
Merck Research Laboratories
Summit, NJ

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I have now directly participated in two Crux Move management training sessions, one in America and one in Europe.  Both times, I saw positive change in a diverse management team that went far beyond my expectations! I’ve been doing this work for 30 years and have been through a ton of these workshops and I’m not kidding here… I’ve never before seen such excellent results that endure over time as I’ve seen with your process. Somehow you’ve figured out the right equation.

Ernie DeVincent, Vice President Engineering
and DCT250 Global Platform Director
Getrag Corporate Group
Untergruppenbach, Germany

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The payoff has been measurable by our business results... Thanks, Michael and Jim, for helping us to fulfill our potential by providing a safe place and process for us to grow and develop.

Ann Early, Director, Injectable Operations
Pfizer, Inc., Kalamazoo, MI

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Crux Move Consulting delivers the complete team building experience…

Maureen Coveney, Director
Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

Southern California Edison (SONGS)
San Clemente, CA

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I wanted to give you some feedback on the incredible difference I have seen in the way the Academy graduates carry themselves at the station.  ... I have personally observed a different level of teamwork on those teams where time is taken to reflect on the Academy experience... Thank you.

Jim Madigan, Director, Nuclear Safety Culture
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), Southern California Edison
San Clemente, CA

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HR isn’t supposed to have issues – but we did.  I debated about budget with my boss– was it worth the investment in HR?  After all, we don’t make anything or sell anything.  We support the people that do.  How much return on investment would we get?

Roseann Masotti
Managing Director, Steelcase Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

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I have become convinced that Crux Move’s team development process truly makes a difference to the ultimate success of our projects.

Tom Smith, Ph.D., Project Manager, Herman Miller Inc.
Dr. Leon A. Bosch ’29 Professor of Management, Hope College, Holland, MI

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“Crux Move is kind of like a cleaning company on the mirror.  They wash off the dust and grime that has accumulated because we haven't looked in the mirror for some time. 

Mark Schmink, Vice President Human Resources
Faurecia, North America
Auburn Hills, MI

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… I had high expectations that these extremely competent professionals would just naturally and seamlessly slide right into working effectively together as one cohesive, leadership team.  Well, it didn’t all just naturally happen, problems arose right along with my expectations and I was quite honestly at a loss as to what I should do…

Robert P. Humphrey, Chairman & CEO
Humphrey Products
Kalamazoo, MI


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There are several of us on our leadership team here at Pfizer who cannot name a better “training” program.  I put “training” in quotes because I struggle with that word for Crux Move.  It is not training as much as it is “awareness”.  I am more aware of people.  I am more aware of myself...

Carrie Andrews, Sr. Manager- Operations Support,
Pfizer, Kalamazoo, MI

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What started as 18 individuals embedded in different areas of the company, with at times an "us vs. them" approach, turned in to one team working together to achieve common goals.

Linda Milanowski, Director CMF Design & Implementation
Herman Miller Inc., Zeeland, Michigan

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The inroads we made are helping us be more effective as people!

Jack Giesner, Project Director
Donald C. Cook, Nuclear Plant
Bridgman, MI

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If you believe your team and the development of effective leaders are important to the success of your business, an investment with Crux Move should be of the highest priority.

William Ditzler, President and CEO
JFNew, Walkerton, IN

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Their process is the most complete I have ever seen...

Tony Hutti, CEO/Owner
Renaissance Executive Forums, South Bend, IN

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The experiences we’ve had with Crux Move have been exemplary.

Bob Betzig, Director Supply Chain Management
Pfizer PGM, Kalamazoo, MI

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Their program created team alignment and momentum very quickly.

Bob Ballard, Jr., Leader Core Steel Operations Project Team
Steelcase, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI

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“As with anything in this life, you get out of The Crux Move what you put into it. If your team approaches the experience openly, honestly and with positive intent, the outcome can be life changing.”

Carol Fricke, President/CEO
LKF Marketing, Kalamazoo, MI


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Our Clients Say

Crux Move has been instrumental to JFNew for over 12 years, literally impacting the very culture of our business through our relationship and through the knowledge and training we have received.

William Ditzler, President and CEO
Walkerton, Indiana

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